Take yourself and your business to the next level

VP Solutions

To create opportunities for growth and success among individuals, institutions, and governments.

To help our clients become more productive in a solutions-based environment, by working to coach them on how to achieve their personal and professional goals, in a holistic atmosphere and taking their personal skills to the next level.

Present problems:

Teams are not being very productive

Managers are not managing, instead, they are putting out fires

Business owners are anxious about a new way of doing business

They are just reacting, not responding

People are resisting to adapt, and do not know where to start making healthy changes

Managers are losing focus on their goals and are struggling to implement succession and emergency response

Ask yourself questions:

Are you struggling to adapt and respond to the new way of doing business?

Is your business suffering from a lack of direction?

Are you happy/satisfied with your response to this new way of doing business?

Is your strategic planning and implementation strong enough to survive these new business settings?

Are you reacting or responding? That is the million dollars question.

How are you planning to survive the impact of COVID19, and the aftermath?

We all agree that the threat is real, but fear is a choice we cannot afford

You are not alone in this struggle to stay afloat and relevant.

Take a break if you must, and decide to keep going.

VP Solutions Llc, has worked with thousands of individuals and teams in more than 20 cities in the U.S. and Latin America.

We have facilitated a creative, interactive, and solutions-based process to unlock their potential and accomplish their goals.

We can work together to address your management response, to review your strategic planning, to create an appropriate emergency response after a disaster, to prepare for the COVID19 aftermath, and to rethink your business sustainability strategies.

Take yourself and your business to the next level

You may be asking why would this work?

The answer is simple, our background is in public health, advocacy, mental health, executive coaching, and hypnotherapy.

Life has taken us to work in very intense environments after 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, recently after hurricane Maria in 2017, and now COVID19.

If there is something we learned from those experiences is that we all have the potential, we just need the opportunity.

Resilience development has been a very important part of our approach because it impacts individuals, communities, and businesses to bounce back and excel.

The adaptation and growth process begins with awareness

It is no secret that a traumatic event like a worldwide pandemic such as covid19 has changed the way we think, operate, and how we plan for the future.

This is the time to work on and improve our relational connections, concentrate on what matters most, take advantage of this moment of mindfulness we are experiencing, and position ourselves as a valuable resource for others to achieve their maximum potential, and exercise resilience during times of crisis.

It is time to refill your personal and business tank with motivation, willpower, and sustainable solutions by rethinking and renewing your strategies.

We need to plan time-sensitive and impactful solutions and the time is now, are you ready?

Then, let’s work together because our process and working goals are SMARTER, our approach is direct and factual, and solutions-focused.








Our team has a demonstrated trajectory of being creative, bold, responsive, innovative, progressive, and with respectable work ethics that has demonstrated its efficiency during the last 20 years by supporting programs in about 23 cities in the US, and funded by agencies.

Why are we different?

Because we take your situation and data into actionable intelligence to create focused solutions:

We get in the trenches with our clients

Focus on your swot analysis with realistic outcomes

Challenge the status quo because you already have a set of skills to breakthrough and excel

Work on group dynamics to model conflict management and enhance personal skills in the team

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