Replacement Boards and Modules

MT800V Monitronix Monitoring System

Modules (boards) for any MT800V systems.

MT800V Monitronix Monitoring System

  • MT800VP: Power module
  • MT800VM: Also called MT800CV, it is the master or control module
  • MT800VD: Dedicated module, reads DED, SUB, BIN and TTCC transducers
  • MT800VA: Addressable module, reads all ADD transducers
  • MT800VATX: Addressable module, reads all ADD from Chatlos
  • MT800VI: Industrial module, reads all analog transducers, 4 – 20 mA
  • MT800VB: Covers for blank slots in the monitoring system


MT818 Monitronix MT818

Replacement boards for  systems.

  • The MT818 also uses Sparton programming protocols
  • Supports overhead software like PressureView
  • Up to 400 transducers – MT800V
  • Up to 25 transducers – MT818
  • Handles up to 16 transducer modules
  • Compatible with all transducers, like Sparton, Chatlos, Nicotra and Lancier

5300 & 5390 Sparton

Replacement boards for 5300 & 5390 Sparton systems.

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Replacement Boards for Sparton


  • MT580502 DLT Bus Interface
  • MT580503 DLT Switch Matrix
  • MT580602 SLT Bus Interface
  • MT580609 SLT Switch Matrix
  • MT582010B Universal Controller
  • MT582026 Mini Addressable Controller
  • MT582052 Multiplexer Switch
  • MT582054 Input Jumper Board
  • MT582058 Universal Controller
  • MT582058 Universal Switch Matrix

NEBS Compliant