Hand-held Tester Device MT860ATT

The MT860ATT is an advanced hand-held portable addressable transducer tester, designed to test and calibrate a variety of addressable pressure and flow transducers, and resistance-type pressure and flow transducers.  It can test the transducers before they are installed, will also monitor these transducers while they are in the field to simplify the maintenance for the pressurized cable network.

  • High Accurate and high resolution 
  • 128*64 LCD display, 4*4 keyboard 
  • Test the addressable transducers up to 128 
  • Test resistance-type transducer 
  • Calibrate, address and test transducers before installation
  • Measure cable resistance and capacitance 
  • Measure transducer operation and quiescent current, max and min current readings
  • Average scanning time of 3 seconds per transducer 
  • Searching for the address of transducers on bus (multi-mode search) 
  • Data report function 
  • Operation password 
  • Extensive diagnostic facilities 
  • Real clock to display year, month and day 
  • Turns off automatically 
  • Supervisory rechargeable battery 
  • Lightning protection 
  • Audio Beeper to give audio warnings 

Air Pressure Manifolds
4 Inputs X 4 Outputs

The dry air distribution tank is designed to evenly supply air to several flow panels or cables.  The manifolds also allows for even air dryer consumption, if one air dryer stops working, all devices still get air from the other dryers connected to the manifold.

All manifold inputs and outputs have check valses that allow air to flow only in one direction, reducing wasting dry air.  The manifolds and easy to install. 

  • 4 Inputs with individual shutoff valves, of any required size.
  • 4 Outputs of any required size.
  • Pressure gauge 0 to 30 psi.  Max. pressure for tank 30 psi
  • Can be installed on tracks or walls
  • Inputs and outputs can be fitted with check valves
  • Solid construction, wheatear proof
  • Air valve to measure tank air pressure
  • Can connect several dryers and/or nitrogen tanks
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NEBS Compliant