About V&P

Monitronix is structured as a 21st century company, to take advantage of today’s telecom monitoring opportunities. Inherited Sparton’s Technology and developed further to what it is now. With our experience with telcos throughout the world, we have learned from problems and shortcomings with hardware and software, and with a team of experienced hardware and software design engineers, we have been able to solve the problems in telco’s. We have an extensive background in telecommunication monitoring and networking, and we maintain a continuous improvement to incorporate all the latest technologies.


Now we have formed a new company named V&P Solutions, LLC, as an exclusive distributor for all Monitronix products in all the American territory and all our overseas customer base. This group is headed by Buck Sviercovich, who has extensive experience with Air Pressure and Monitoring Cable Systems. Buck worked for Sparton for over 20 years, Puregas for over 6 years and for Monitronix for more than 10 years now. Our distribution office is in the US territory, in Pharr, TX, and is directed by Hugo De La Garza. Our corporate offices are in Hidalgo, TX, as well as in Mexico City, Mexico. These offices are managed by our qualified partners, Alejandra Baez, and Victor Franco.


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