The dry air distribution tank is designed to evenly supply air to several flow panels or cables.  The manifolds also allows for even air dryer consumption, if one air dryer stops working, all devices still get air from the other dryers connected to the manifold.

All manifold inputs and outputs have check valses that allow air to flow only in one direction, reducing wasting dry air.  The manifolds and easy to install.

  • 4 Inputs with individual shutoff valves, of any required size.
  • 4 Outputs of any required size.
  • Pressure gauge 0 to 30 psi.  Max. pressure for tank 30 psi
  • Can be installed on tracks or walls
  • Inputs and outputs can be fitted with check valves
  • Solid construction, wheatear proof
  • Air valve to measure tank air pressure
  • Can connect several dryers and/or nitrogen tanks

NEBS Compilant