PressureView Software

The Monitronix Overhead software PressureView is an application designed for the management of all and/or any monitoring system. The software model is based on a well-proven package originally developed for China Telecom in Beijing. To ensure flexibility and ease of use of PressureView, it contains five linked software modules:

    1. Communication Server Module (PM Server):  This manages data delivery between the various modules and acts as a network communication server.
    2. View control software (PM Monitor):  User data presentation and user input, like data addition, revision and deletion to PM Server.
    3. Front-end processing software (PM PreProc):  Manages all hardware equipment operations, receipt of alarm messages from exchange CMU equipment and delivery of those messages to PM Server for analysis.
    4. Database Module:  All system data is stored in this module
    5. Web Server Module:  Communicates with the user to deliver system readings, alarms and updates