The Dedicated Flow Block 871DFB transducer is a one-channel flow measurement module which can be integrated with a flow panel for the remote measurement of air flow in a pressurized cable network. Each flow block outputs standard resistances related with the measured flow.  Ranged from 100 KΩ to 3820 KΩ, which can be monitored by any Monitronix monitoring system or Sparton systems. High-performance of pressure sensors and advanced circuit design provide accurate airflow measurement over the range of 0 to 20 SCFH.

  • Microprocessor based
  • Advanced circuit design
  • High-performance of electronic pressure sensor makes the accuracy better than mechanical flow measurement
  • Resistance output is compatible with the existing monitoring system and make upgrading easier at a lower cost
  • High reliability and longer service life
  • Compatible with Monitronix and Sparton pressure monitoring systems

NEBS Compilant