The 872AFB is an addressable flow block that is mainly used to measure the flow, pressure, humidity and temperature in the air to a pressurized cable in the central office.  It could also measure the duty cycle in an air dryer.  It is compatible with Monitronix and Sparton addressable monitoring system.

  • Microprocessor based
  • Measures flow, pressure, temperature and humidity
  • With the measurement of compressor current, computes the duty cycle of the compressor to help the user evaluate the dryer’s efficiency.
  • Compatible with Monitronix and Sparton addressable monitoring system s
  • With the advanced transducers and efficient design, less than 0.15 psi pressure drop through the 872AFB
  • Advanced compensation techniques gives high accuracy for flow measurement
  • LED indicators for RUN and PAIR status
  • Electronic address setting using a portable tester
  • High resolution and accuracy
  • Drop-in replacement for old mechanical type flow panel

NEBS Compilant