The 873AD is an advanced, high reliability solid state dedicated flow block which is mainly used to measure single flow, pressure, temperature and humidity of the dryer air output.  It is fully compatible with Monitronix and Sparton monitoring systems.  The 873 has two models, which are 873U and 873AD,  the 873U is generally used in a underground cable, and the 873AD is used in an air dryer.

  • Measures flow, pressure, temperature and humidity
  • Compatible with the universal module and dedicated module of a Monitronix monitoring system and retrofitted Sparton system with Monitronix boards
  • Use just a conventional dedicated transducer, easy to program
  • Can be intermixed with other Monitronix solid state dedicated products on the same report pair
  • With the advanced transducers and efficient design, less than 0.15 psi pressure drop through the 873
  • Advanced compensation techniques gives high accuracy to the flow measurement
  • Fully sealed structure, water-proof
  • Drop-in replacement for old mechanical type flow panels

NEBS Compilant