The 883SPT is an advanced, high reliability mini solid state dedicated pressure transducer that comes in two models, used to measure the air pressure in pressurized cable monitoring applications. The 883SPT-U is for underground applications, is goes inside a splice case; and the 883SPT-C can go inside cabinets.  This transducer can be used as a direct replacement for the mechanical bellows type resistive transducers, and is fully compatible with Monitronix systems and retrofitted Sparton systems.  The unit is programmed using the MT860ATT portable tester, like address and altitude offset compensation.


Monitoring System

Up to 400 transducers

  • Fully encapsulated
  • Solid state absolute pressure sensor with programmable altitude offset
  • Higher resolution, accuracy and reliability than the replaced resistive transducers
  • Compatible with all Monitronix systems and retrofitted Sparton Systems
  • Programmable using the standard MT860ATT portable tester
  • Can be intermixed with other Monitronix solid state dedicated products on the same report pair
  • Up to 8 transducers can be placed in one input

NEBS Compilant